Clean Sheet Costing


A solution framework that helps manufacturers to calculate the “actual cost” of a given product/part, based on various parameters such as raw materials, labor, tools, packaging and transport cost.

  • Framework currently processes close to 270,000 + parts and runs clean sheets for more than 3400+ Suppliers.
  • The exported clean sheets are stored in PDF, with a versioning system built-in to enable historical comparisons, moving forward.
  • Application incorporates a basic workflow that allows only approved clean sheets to be saved for later use.
  • Integration with ERP / AD: The application currently uses master data from excel dump, provided thru SAP ECC 6.0 and also integrates with AD for user authentication and single sign-on.
  • The application allows users to upload bulk data in .CSV formats and uses Jasper for reporting services.
  • The Clean Sheet Costing application is architected based on SOA and uses web services to ensure easy portability of business services to other devices such as mobiles, tabs, etc… and currently runs in a secure intranet environment
  • The application is built on completely open source technologies (OSS) and uses the Spring framework, with extensive use of AJAX/JSP for better user experience (UI) and with a Post Gres database for the back-end.
  • The application also uses Hibernate for data abstraction that would allow the application to be deployed on different databases in the future.