In recent years, the security landscape has changed dramatically. Organizations were originally worried about lone hackers, but now are faced with sophisticated teams of cyber criminals with high-end tools, technologies and time. This, coupled with changing regulations, growth of technologies and in adequately patched security measures, means that the threat landscape is constantly evolving and changing.

Added to this, recent trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOA (Bring Your Own Applications) often cause proliferation of user driven security lapses that are extremely hard to track and control.


All of this leads to multiple vulnerabilities that exist in applications, networks, mobile operating systems and endpoints, including the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Today, attackers are more pervasive, persistent, and proficient in evading and disrupting traditional security infrastructure – than ever before.

Given this environment, Accel North Americas’ 360 degree approach to security spans consulting, end-point, network, data, applications, mobile, APT and finally, risk mitigation and compliance aspects of a business. Accel North America’s Security Practice addresses the full attack continuum, providing organizations strategic and tactical protection across their networks; for applications, devices, user data and/or machine to machine data – before, during and after an attack.

Accel North America helps organizations identify and protect against internal and external threats to IT infrastructure and in case of existing threat, removes the same and helps prevent further attacks. Our security-first approach in all aspects of business, technology and user management; enables total risk management, allowing customers to stay ahead of emerging threats.