CAC was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In April 2014, it moved to a holding structure. With CAC Holdings Corporation as the core, the corporate group has been offering IT service for companies as well as BPO services.

The CAC group started as Computer Applications Co., Ltd. (CAC), the first independent software company in Japan, in 1966. Today it is spread across the globe with offices in USA, Europe, South East Asia and India; providing end-to-end IT and BPO services.

Since inception, while CAC was engaged in system development for a wide range of industries, our business has expanded into system integration (SI), including construction of system infrastructure. In addition, the group company, Nippon System Service Co., Ltd. (SSK), was reorganized into the first company dedicated for outsourcing service of information processing in 1971. In 1973, System Utility Co., Ltd. (SUC) was launched, focusing on information processing and document-filing service. Thus the CAC group came to offer comprehensive information service.

In 1994, the above mentioned three companies were merged and rebranded as CAC Co., Ltd., to seamlessly offer the complete range of services within the process – from planning to development and operation of a system.

CAC went public in 1999.

Since 2000, ARK System Co., Ltd., YUASA KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd, (present CAC Knowledge Co., Ltd.), ORBIS CORPORATION (present CAC ORBIS CORPORATION), and MARUHA SYSTEMS CORPORATION (present CAC MARUHA NICHIRO SYSTEMS CORPORATION), which had been subsidiary IT companies of CAC clients and users, respectively, have become CAC affiliates.

In recent years, through acquisition of CRO companies, CAC has been broadening the service line-up of pharmaceutical development support and spun off that business into a separate company, named CAC EXICARE Corporation, in April 2012. Now this field is one of the pillars of the CAC group, along with IT service.

In March 2014, CAC obtained shares of Indian based company, Inspirisys Solutions Limited (formerly Accel Frontline Limited) and made it a subsidiary in order to enhance our global service capabilities.

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